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Updated on Jul 7, 2010 (month date, year)
Updated by Michael Katz (name of the lister)
Originator BBB Inc. a CCC (since Jan 2012), AAA
Pharm. Inc.
(name change or M&A in Jan 2012, BBB is a daughter company of CCC, AAA is the original company)
(Full name of the original company)
Nationality of originator USA
Web site www.abcd.com/research/pipeline.htm
Partners for co-development, licensing, distribution  
Lab. code or Brand name AB001
API, raw material ab (INN), ac (USAN), ad (BAN)
Product Type New chemical entity
Action Mechanism Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor
Features orphan in USA, Europe.
Fast track in USA, Europe.
the first FD treatment.
A fist-in-class product.
a peptide by using A Pharma’s
Fast acting, long duration,
pH depend controlled-release formulation
(Features, Strong points, Technology etc. within 5 phrases)
Pharmaceutial Form Oral tablet, sustained release  
Unit dosage mg/tablet or mg/ml
Posology Once a day or two times a day
Indication Asthma
Chronic obstacle pulmonary disease
(the first indication).
(the second indication)
Lates development stage Phase III
Phase II
(for the first indication).
(for the second indication).
Generic (bio-similar) developers